(A) Language / Systems / Glyphs
→ *reading* Chris Lee, This Was Written On Stolen Indigenous Land
→ *reading* Rudolf Koch, The Book of Signs (excerpt)
→ *reading* Aditya Mukerjee, I Can Text You A Pile of Poo, But I Can’t Write My Name
→ *watching* Saki Mafundikwa: Ingenuity and elegance in ancient African alphabets
→ *reading* Experimental Jetset & Ian Svenonius, Alphabet Reform Committee

(B) Text in Translation
→ *reading* Don Mee Choi, Translation is a Mode = Translation is an Anti-neocolonial Mode
→ *reading* Jen Calleja & Sophie Collins, She knows too much: ‘Bridge Translations’, ‘Literal Translations’, and Long-Term Harm

→ *reading* Derek Birdsall, Text in Translation (in Notes on Book Design)

(C) Stencil / Matrix / Interface
→ *reading* Eric Kindel & Fred Smeijers, Between Writing & Type
→ *reading* Peter Biľak, The Importance of Play
→ *reading* Michèle Champagne, Handwriting in an Era of Glitter Text Generators
→ *watching* Jonathan Zong, Biometric Sans and Public Display: Embodied Writing in the Age of Data

(D) Type Choice(s)
→ *reading* Agyei Archer, Type Choice, Political Choice
→ *reading* Eric Hu & Harry Gassel, Some Politics on Style (Talk #2)
→ *reading* Robert Bringhurst, Choosing & Combining Type (in Elements of Typographic Style)

(E) Typography & Labour
→ *reading* Danielle Aubert, The Politics of the Joy of Printing in Detroit
→ *reading* J. Dakota Brown, Typography, Automation, and the Division of Labor: A Brief History

(F) Ways of Reading 
→ *reading* Jost Hochuli, The Reading Process (in Detail in Typography)
→ *reading* Alejandro Zambra, Erasing the Reader (in Not to Read)
→ *reading* Black Chalk & Co., Some Writers Can Give You Two Heartbeats (excerpts)
→ *reading* Danielle Aubert, File Sharing

(G) Sound / Voice
→ *reading* Alejandro Zambra, Out Loud (in Not to Read)
→ *reading* Meg Miller, Spelling Spelling

(H) Obstructions / Time
→ *reading* Linda van Deursen & Armand Mevis, Restrictions (in Recollected Work)
→ *reading* Linked by Air, Change Over Time