*last updated* Friday 26 August 2022

Andrew Walsh-Lister, email@andrew-lister.info Currently *researching* PhD Arts & Humanities, Royal College of Art, London *editing* Bricks from the Kiln #6 (w. Matthew Stuart) *designing* From Signal to Decay: Volume 2, Trevor Mathison, purge.xxx (w. Matthew Stuart) *broadcasting* The Little White Cloud That Cried, rtm.fm, Noods Radio, puuush.net & abC Art Book Fair *designing* Blight / Tango with Corrugated Iron, Jocelyn Pook & John Smith, purge.xxx (w. Matthew Stuart) Recently *taught* 2019–21 Designer-in-Residence, Virginia Commonwealth University *curated* Prototype: with Bricks from the Kiln, Cafe OTO, London (w. prototype & Matthew Stuart) *performed* An Incomplete A to Z for Art and Poetry, Mahler & LeWitt Studios, London (w. Matthew Stuart) *edited* Bricks from the Kiln #5 (w. Matthew Stuart) *performed* A Polyvocal Index of Bricks from the Kiln. Or, an Incomplete A to Z, Behind the Books: The Most Beautiful Swiss Books of 2020, the Swiss Church, London (w. Matthew Stuart) *designed* All the Soundtracks (2005–2021), Dirk Schaefer & Peter Tscherkassky, purge.xxx (w. Matthew Stuart) *edited* Bricks from the Kiln #4: On Translation, Transmission & Transposition (w. Natalie Ferris, Bryony Quinn & Matthew Stuart) *broadcast* Bricks from the Kiln #4 soundscape / broadcast / launch, Wax Radio (w. James Bulley & Matthew Stuart) *designed* Intertitles, ed. Jess Chandler, Aimee Selby, Hana Noorali & Lynton Talbot, prototype (w. Matthew Stuart) *edited* As Celebration, As Critique, As Play: Ron Hunt Selected Writings (1957–2020) (w. Ron Hunt & Matthew Stuart) *designed* Waves and Echoes: A Process of Re-contemporarization in Chinese Art Circa 1987 Revisited, Inside-Out Art Museum Beijing, exhibition identity (w. Max Harvey & Pianpian He) *designed* Music for the films of Takashi Ito, Takashi Inagaki, purge.xxx (w. Matthew Stuart) *designed* El Saltamartí / The Tumbler, Joan Brossa, trans. Cameron Griffiths, Tenement Press (w. Matthew Stuart) *designed* The Boiled in Between, Helen Marten, prototype (w. Matthew Stuart)
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